our mission

kody's fund is a non-profit organization set up to fund spay & neuter programs.

the mission of kody's fund is to support organizations with active spay & neuter programs in order to bring an end to pet overpopulation.



kody's fund receives 10% of all earthdog profits


some things in life are so special they come along once in a lifetime - if you're lucky. in my life, it will always be this amazing spirit in the form of a german shepherd mix who started life abandoned and abused in newark, nj. after convincing the powers that be at the humane society that I could provide kody a loving home, i walked out with my very own dog - a 3-legged, very timid, brilliant puppy. little did i know what he would provide me: inspiration, protection, and unconditional love. he was my faithful companion, by my side for over 14 years until he passed away on november 1, 2004.

his effect on my life is immeasurable. he inspired a business that continues to fuel my spirit. the very first earthdog product, our decorative collar, was created in an attempt to outfit such an inspiring fellow. it's no wonder that the "kody" pattern remains our best-seller. he was the true inspiration of this company and will remain so, no matter how many dogs follow him.

- kym

over 5 million animals are put to sleep each year because there are not enough homes for them. you can do your part by spaying or neutering your pet and making sure your pet has id tags on at all times. everyone can promote awareness and responsible pet ownership through education. these simple acts can make a big difference in a widespread overpopulation problem.


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